Wednesday, October 25, 2006
We had a successful drop-off this morning. Haleigh didn't cry in the car, in fact she had a smile on her face when I got her out of the seat. I sat with her while she watched cartoons and chatted with C. When it was time for me to go, Haleigh just walked over to C and threw me a goodbye kiss and that was it! No crying! I feel so much better. She has made friends with one of the girls, A, and they eat breakfast together before A goes to school.

Haleigh was relatively well behaved at the little wedding. We arrived at the courthouse about the time I would normally put her down for a nap. So she was pretty wound up and wanted to run and shriek at the top of her lungs because wow! listen to that echo! I had brought snacks for her, and the only time I really had any control was when I was feeding her Princess fruit snacks, one by one, hoping they would last until my parents were done signing papers and the ceremony would start. They did, and I opened a second packet while the minister was marrying them and I was snapping pictures, and Haleigh was so good and quiet. But when we left, she wanted to walk to the parking lot herself (miss independent!) but it was sooooo cold and windy that we couldn't wait for her. It took probably five minutes to walk to the parking lot, and the entire time she was this one big muscle, trying to make me put her down. Screaming too. It was rough, and we had to break down and give her the binkie in the car just to be able to buckle her in the seat.

We met my grandparents for brunch afterwards, and by then she was okay and ate a ton of pancakes, toast and potatoes with ketchup. She was very well behaved at the restaurant and the drive home, and I expected her to totally crash but she got a second wind once we got home and played for a while. Around 2 I finally put her down, and by then I was so exhausted too that I took a nap myself!


Blogger holli said...

pancakes sound so yummy right now. But can I just say that she looks so cute and tiny in that picture below.. in that tiny brown tweed skirt?? GOOD GRIEF!! You look beautiful too!!

okay - back to packing!

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