Monday, October 23, 2006
Congratulations Mom and Dad!

On October 24th 1975, my parents were married. And tomorrow, on October 24th 2006, they will be re-married to each other. I’m so ecstatic they found themselves and each other again. It took time, but they’ve chosen a new beginning, a new life together, and we couldn’t be happier!

I had instructions from my brother to find an incredibly mushy congratulations card to make them cry so Haleigh and I set off for Target tonight after dinner. I also needed to buy her some tights to go with her dress, as the ones that came with it are big enough for a 4 year-old.

I thought we'd get the card first to get it over with, since I knew she wouldn't tolerate sitting still for more than a few seconds. Even though the CART is her most favorite of all things that have to do with shopping. So we found the wedding cards and she wanted to touch them and hold them and taste them, but I asked her to please settle for naming everything on them. Butterflies, flowers, cakes, and birds... yeah that took about 4 seconds, not near enough time for me to find a suitable mushy card. I ended up grabbing a cute one with daisies on it and a quick glance at the message told me it would do. At the time, I didn't notice the card is this awful springy shade of light green, and my dad absolutely despises all things green. Oh well, on to the fun part.

Haleigh wanted to hold the card. MY card, the one I so carefully picked out (haha) for my parent's wedding-part-deux. She wasn't satisfied with the envelope, she wanted THE card so she could open it. I could've given her another off the shelf and then ditched it later when it was shredded to bits, but my conscience said no, that's bad! so i gave her MY card. Open, close, open, close... then it was stuck! and the world exploded into shrieks of OHHPENNNN!!! in the middle of Target. Yikes.

We spent a few minutes spent searching the baby aisles for off white (not white) cotton (not lacy) tights in baby size (not 2T-4T!), and finally made it to the checkout with our two items. The poor card was almost unrecognizable, and the checkout kid looked at it like it might be trash lol. I guess Haleigh just gave it her own touch, and it will be that much more special. I hope lol.


Blogger holli said...

Faith does the same thing with cards. I had one heck of a time preventing her from destroying each and every wedding invitation.

I bet your parents will love the extra special Haleigh touch! That's the great thing about grandparents. The children can do no wrong. Too bad it wasn't that way for us!

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