Thursday, January 13, 2005
101 Things About Mommy
  1. my name is Laurie
  2. my middle name is Jean
  3. when I was little, people called me LJ
  4. I have lots of freckles
  5. I used to hate them, but for now they keep me looking younger than I am so they’re ok
  6. I live with Chad and Haleigh and two cats in an apartment
  7. but it’s a nice apartment, with a washer and dryer
  8. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  9. after I earned my first degree, I decided I wanted to try pharmacy school
  10. I didn’t make it in
  11. my zodiac sign is Leo but I’m right on the edge of Virgo, which fits my personality better
  12. I once dated a homecoming king
  13. I play the piano and the flute
  14. I have one brother and we’re almost 6 years apart
  15. we never got along until the last couple of years; now we’re friends
  16. pets we had as a family: Cody the Dalmatian, Patches the calico cat, Oreo the tuxedo cat, Magic the black cat, Lucki the black lab
  17. pets I have now: Shanahan the orange & white cat, SilverBelle the grey cat, and Ecko & Blade the leopard geckos
  18. Belle was homeless and a lady dropped her off at the vet clinic I worked for with a broken hip
  19. I couldn’t let them put her to sleep so I adopted her
  20. Chad got me a pink sapphire circle of love necklace for Christmas and I love to wear it, so I wear a lot of pink
  21. I had an imaginary friend when I was little
  22. her name was Lisa
  23. we left her at Disney World
  24. when I was born, my hips, knees and feet did not line up the right way
  25. the doctor said I would never walk unless they did something
  26. at 8 weeks old, my legs were reset (without anesthetic I might add) and I wore casts and braces after that
  27. today I’m fine
  28. my favorite TV show at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy
  29. however I pay for it Monday morning after staying up late to watch it
  30. I don’t smoke
  31. I sound like a smoker though when I get active and start wheezing due to some kind of undiagnosed asthma and allergies
  32. I bite my lip when I’m nervous
  33. or bored
  34. I have attended two colleges and two universities
  35. the only sport I enjoy is ice hockey
  36. my favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings
  37. I’ve seen them twice at the Joe and once in Chicago
  38. Brendan Shanahan and Manny Legace are my favorite players
  39. I worked in retail/customer service for 7 years
  40. bad customer service drives me nuts
  41. I have a split uvula – the hangy thing in the back of your throat – which means I almost had a cleft palate
  42. my favorite flowers are lilies and snapdragons
  43. snapdragons make me think of my Buscia because when I was little she would yell at me for picking hers and making them “talk”
  44. I have grey-blue eyes
  45. and perfect vision
  46. in classes that I had to write papers for, I could whip out an 8-page miracle in one evening without doing a lick of research
  47. when I was pregnant, I learned to pick things up off the floor with my toes so I wouldn’t have to bend down
  48. I make lists for everything
  49. and I rewrite them frequently
  50. I’m halfway done with this list
  51. I am right-handed
  52. I don’t like to cook
  53. but I make really good enchiladas
  54. I have two cell phone batteries and neither hold a charge
  55. thankfully I will be getting a new phone with my new contract next month
  56. I am a procrastinator
  57. and sometimes I have a hard time focusing my concentration
  58. I have two more pounds to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight, 15 more to be where I want to be
  59. I don’t drink enough milk because I don’t like it
  60. when I was pregnant though I craved milk instead of weird food
  61. I ask a lot of questions
  62. I like to be informed
  63. some people think it’s annoying
  64. I like to research my family tree
  65. I’ve hit many dead ends though
  66. my heritage is Polish hillbilly with a little German and English thrown in
  67. I still watch E.R.
  68. I used to collect stuffed Piglet characters
  69. now they’re all in Haleigh’s room
  70. I also collect clown figurines
  71. Chad is afraid of clowns
  72. so we keep them put away for now
  73. I need to start scrapbooking – I’m a year behind
  74. I saw U2 in concert a couple of years ago
  75. also Dave Matthews Band a few summers ago
  76. I tried and tried to win tickets to NIN for Chad for Valentine’s Day but no luck
  77. I had braces on my teeth for 4 years
  78. I have to shower every day
  79. my favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s engagement diamond set in my own ring
  80. it fell out of her setting shortly after she got it, and she carried around the loose diamond in her purse for years
  81. my second favorite is #16
  82. I’ve only been in one car accident that actually shook me up, but it wasn’t my fault
  83. the guy’s insurance said it was only 80% their client’s fault and thus would only pay for 80% of the repairs
  84. it took 5 months to get it straightened out – but eventually my insurance paid for it and then got their money back from the other insurance
  85. I like peppers, onions, pepperoni, and lots of cheese on my pizza
  86. I don’t drink coffee
  87. I love to travel
  88. but I get motion sickness on airplanes if I stand up
  89. I like the Harry Potter books
  90. I was brave and did a presentation at a Catholic college on how the Harry Potter books promote reading in children, not Witchcraft and devil worship
  91. I don’t eat seafood, except walleye and perch
  92. last summer I tried grilled mahi-mahi and it was ok
  93. my favorite alcoholic drink is Malibu rum and pineapple juice
  94. I’ve gone tanning before, but only to either prepare for a vacation so I wouldn’t get burned, or because I was in a wedding and didn’t want to be the palest bridesmaid
  95. I crack my knuckles
  96. The Wiggles creep me out
  97. but they keep Haleigh busy in the morning so I can finish getting ready
  98. I liked being pregnant
  99. I would like to have more kids
  100. fraternal twins run in my family
  101. I’m glad this is done!


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