Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I don't remember on which blog I saw this first, but it's been going around a lot lately. I wasn't tagged by anyone *sniff* but I wanted to do it anyway.

I AM a mommy.
I WANT to be happy.
I WISH i could work from home.
I HATE when people use the word hate.
I MISS chad when he plays with his work friends.
I HEAR haleigh snoring in the baby monitor.
I WONDER what she'll be when she grows up.
I REGRET nothing big.
I AM NOT as perfect as i pretend to be.
I DANCE in the kitchen to make haleigh laugh.
I SING in the car to her.
I CRY when she hits a new milestone.
I AM NOT ALWAYS the quietest or the shyest.
I WRITE my dreams in a journal.
I CONFUSE my right and my left consistently.
I NEED to get serious about saving for a house.
I SHOULD listen to my heart.
I START out each day hoping things will be better than yesterday.
I FINISH the day by reading haleigh a book, cuddled in a chair.
I TAG anyone who needs to kill some time.


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