Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Mommy and Daddy

My name is Laurie and I'm a mommy to Haleigh and a girlfriend to Chad. I like genealogy and family history, and my favorite thing in the world is spending time with my little girl!

Since I've graduated from high school in 1997, I have earned an Associates in Accounting from a community college, and a Bachelors in Accounting from a small Catholic college. There was a little bit of Pharmacy school at Large Overpriced University thrown in there (when I thought I was superwoman and could work 3 jobs and still go to school fulltime) but we don't talk much about that waste of time and money.

I worked at a grocery store in the office for 7 years until they were bought out and shut the doors on us - but that's when I had the three jobs, so I was ok. I worked at a small animal hospital as a receptionist for a couple of years, and at an animal shelter as the executive assistant, where I continue to volunteer occasionally. Currently, I work at a small but growing accounting office about 1/2 hour commute from where we live.

Next on my life agenda is probably to go for my MBA at Large Overpriced University, if I can get in. I've heard though, to wait 5-8 years after graduating to go for a Masters because the experience you get in that time is valuable for the schooling. With that in mind, I may take some review courses for the CPA exam, and take the CPA test three or four times. Not sure yet what's next.

However, my ultimate goal is to win the lottery and be a stay-at-home mommy... in Vegas where it's warm and dry... and have a maid... and a chef...

My Genealogy Webpage

Chad is Haleigh's daddy and he loves playing around with computers. We met while working at a grocery store 5 years ago. Chad works at as a department manager at a different grocery store now.

This is Chad and I at a wedding in 2004 (I was probably two weeks pregnant with Haleigh but didn't know it!)

This was at a Detroit Red Wings game last fall - it was actually their very first pre-season game back at the Joe!
(Yeah, hadn't lost much of that baby weight yet... muuuch better now :o)

Getting ready to go out to dinner for my birthday this year.


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