Friday, September 01, 2006
Haleigh had her 18-month checkup today, even though she's 19 months now... I guess both the receptionist and I can't count. But anyways, she's doing ok. Height is right on track at 33 inches but her weight hasn't changed since her 15-month appointment. She's now way down at the 8th percentile at 20.8 pounds. Almost need to turn her car seat back around! Dr. is not alarmed, but slightly concerned, and we need keep an eye on her. She eats really well; she's just really active. We can offer more snacks and try to get her to "eat one more bite" a few times when she says she's finished with a meal.


Just a short vent about the horrid MA at my doctor's office.
Start. THIS time we had a student MA doing her externship and she did a great job with height, weight, head circumference and all that. Then it came time for the one shot and the MA I do not like came in to supervise the student's administration of the vaccine. I noticed when the Dr. had Haleigh lie down to feel her belly, it helped if I laid her down on the pillow, instead of flat on the table; she just felt more at ease when she could see what was going on. So I laid her down on the pillow at the top of the table for the shot as well. She was ok with it.

Then mean MA took over and showed the student how she prefers to administer a vaccine to a child. Now, she's NEVER done this before, so I was totally unexpecting it, but she stood at the end of the table and grabbed Haleigh's ankles and slid her down the table toward her until her legs were hanging off the table. Then she pinned them down with her body so all I had to do was hold Haleigh's hands and she was completely immobile so they could give the shot. Well Miss Haleigh lost it. A stranger pulling her by the ankles away from her mommy and then pinning her down? I've never seen her so unnecessarily scared. She's not a thrasher and there was absolutely no need to pin her legs down, especially for just one shot. This MA should have known that because she's previously given Haleigh shots herself. Of course ASKING ME if completely pinning her down was necessary would have been the EASIEST thing to do.

Well it all happened so fast and the student was able to give the shot very quickly, the band-aid was on, and they were gone before I was able to get a word out of my mouth to them because I was focused on my screaming child. I was just in shock and so was Haleigh. I know the idea is to get it done as quickly as possible, but next time I will have to slow it down and things will be done my way. The best way for Haleigh. End.


Not much else has been happening. She's saying more and more full sentences every day and she's saying the right words in the right context. Like she understands the "you" and "I" thing. If I ask her "Do you have your shoes?" she says "I have my shoes!" It's something new every day and I need to write this stuff down because right now of course I can't remember anything.


Blogger Rece Anthony said...

She is tall and skinnny!!! Rece was 26 1/2 lbs but 31 1/2 in.!! And that is awful! Our doctor does our entire appointment on either mine or Tony's lap. Except the measurements obviously. He just knows Rece will be more comfy if we are holding him! That is just insane

Blogger holli said...

Dammit - that post just pissed me off.. it totally reminded me of the nurse at one of those AM/PM clinics who used one of those nose suckers so hard on Faith it gave her a bloody nose. Faith still won't let me get one of those anywhere near her!! Do these people even think of the fact they scare children for future doctor's appointments???

Can you come to our house and help out with eating? Because Faith refuses to eat now - period.

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