Thursday, August 17, 2006
Geese and Doctors
Haleigh and I had dinner at my parent's house tonight. She was good, and nothing major happened except I didn't fit the lid on the sippy cup properly, and cold milk went all over Haleigh, myself and the floor when she went to drink it. All she could say was "Ooohhhh nooooo... oooohhhh noooooo Mommy..."

After dinner we played some frisbee and looked for bunnies in the backyard. Their house happens to be in the flight path of a large group of Canadian geese that take a break in a huge field down the street. Every evening, they move from that field to another down the street and fly directly over the house. After we showed Haleigh a few groups and she heard what they sounded like, a group flew really low directly over our heads. We told her they were ducks though, just to make it easier for her to understand. She would watch them until they disappeared over the trees and she'd say "bye ducks!" and then ask and sign for more! We thought they were all gone to the other field, when Haleigh heard some more honking and looked up and here there were more flying over us! So exciting.

She woke up yesterday with one eye all red and puffy and constantly tearing up. It looked horrible; like someone had popped her in the eye. I called my mom, who used to work for an eye doctor, and she said it sounded like pink-eye. I got her in to see the doctor yesterday afternoon, but her eyes looked better by then. When we got inside the exam room though, they were both red and puffy. The doctor noticed her throat was a little red, so she wanted a rapid strep test done to rule that out first.

I was very disappointed with the way that the MA administered the swab for the test. She was very nice to Haleigh and asked her to open her mouth. Um, excuse me? There's no way Haleigh was going to be pinned down to an exam table and then open her mouth willingly so a stranger can stick a cotton swab in there and scrape off her tonsils. But whatever, it was nice of her to ask Haleigh first. But she asked again. And again. I was holding her hands, and Chad was holding her head so she didn't jerk forward and jab the swab into the back of her throat so that was all the help we could give. And this lady is a professional. It just bothered me that we had to wait for Haleigh to get so scared from being pinned down and a stranger in her face that she screamed for me with her mouth wide open and then she hurried up and did the swab. This is the same MA as this post at her last appointment, three months ago.

So anyways, I was excited to have her stats checked, and we were happy to find out she's now at 21 pounds and 32 inches! Finally she's gained another pound. The strep test was negative and she had no fever, so the doctor decided to treat her for conjunctivitis but said it could just be allergies. If the drops don't help in 5 days, it's probably allergies. Her eyes look better today, and we were outside for quite a while and they didn't get worse, so I'm hoping it was just a mild case of pink-eye and we won't have to deal with it again.

New words/phrases lately:
Dr. Phil - "DAHK-ter FEE-uhl"
apple juice - not fruit juice or grape juice... must be apple juice lately
pizza - "PEE-tahs!"
cooking - she likes to pretend to cook with a pot and a wooden spoon while I cook. She adds a few fridge magnet letters and a few legos...
clean - she likes to Swiffer for me, and dust for Mimi
Hey hey, JoJo's Circus - she knows how to turn on the Tivo to watch JoJo's Circus
horsey - she thinks anything you can "ride" is to be called a horsey. People let her play horsey on their leg up and down, and she can pretend to "ride" my mom's labrador like a horse because he's bigger than her... but when she repeatedly sits on my poor, handicapped kitty (Belle) and shrieks "HORSEY!" I have to draw the line.

She likes to list things off. She'll start with Mimi, then go through everybody... Poppa, Trudy, Heidi, Butt... butt? Heidi has had a medical issue with her wittle bottom lately, and Haleigh always mentions it when we talk about Heidi. It's part of the family now.

So that's what's happening right now. I'm sure I've missed something because it seems like she's doing 10 new things every day by the time I pick her up after work. She wants to know what everything is called, and she locks it away for reference later. Now she's starting to string those words together. She's growing so fast it's scary!


Blogger holli said...

Oh - your blog design is just precious!!!

I'm so sorry things didn't go well at the doctor.. I had one nurse at an AM/PM clinic use one of those nose suckers so rough on Faith it literally gave her a bloody nose. Totally traumatized her.. but so did being tied down to put an IV in the vein in her head.. I get so angry because they should know better - they just set children up to be afraid of the damned doctor. I'm getting mad all over again just thinking about it.

Pink eye is just so yucky. I hope she gets to feeling better soon!!

Hugs all around!

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