Wednesday, May 03, 2006
15 Month Check Up
Haleigh had her 15 month check up today and everything looks good! She weighs 20.5 pounds and is 30 inches tall. That's only 2 pounds more than her 12 month visit, and she is the same height! But she seems so much taller to me now. The dr. isn't worried though. Haleigh started out a the top of the charts (9 lbs!) and then slowed way down on weight but kept getting taller. Now she's evened out at the 35th percentile for everything - weight, height and head circumference. So it's all good.

She also got two shots - one at a time because the MA couldn't find anyone to help her give the second simultaneously. That's torture I think to drag it out, but what could I do? Oh, yes that's a sting there, but hold on and let me put this empty syringe down, and now I'll pick up the next one, and get the cap off, then oh, there's another sting... yeah I don't like that part probably as much as Haleigh doesn't like it. But she stopped crying as soon as I told her she could carry the copay up to the desk and hand it to the lady. That made her smile.

When we got home, she pulled her bandaids off herself and threw them in the trash like a big girl. We had some juice and watched JoJo (I love TiVo!) and then dinner. After that we went outside and took some pictures. My camera ate more than half of them (I'm using an old memory card for now) but here's what was left:

Tall and skinny!

We love sandal weather! and painted toesies!

a little musician...

She loves sitting on her chair and playing at her table!


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Not looking forward to anymore shots! But we always get them one at a time! It is no fun to drag it out!!! Cute toes! :o)

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