Saturday, August 04, 2007

First we had to show you the newest obsession - Care Bears stickers!

It was a parade of cicada exoskeletons! They were naturally lined up like this, and also in another spot on the same tree. This tree had about 25 on it.

Also, on two different occasions this summer, we've seen cicada killer wasps. Have you seen these things? I can't believe we've never seen them before this year, but they're almost 2 inches long and the females have nasty stingers they use to paralyze cicadas. She takes them back to her nest alive, lays an egg on/in it, and when the larva hatches it eats the cicada alive.

2 1/2 years old!

Say cheese!

My angel

No baby yet... still waiting, and walking, and timing contractions that never last... back to the doc on Monday, and I have a sizing ultrasound on Tuesday. They don't want me to deliver a baby as big as Haleigh was again (9lbs 3oz) so if he's measuring over 9lbs 8oz at the ultrasound, they'll schedule a cesarean automatically. Don't want that, so hopefully he's smaller than Haleigh! My due date isn't until the 21st, but I had Haleigh 2 weeks early so they're just keeping an eye on things.

I look at her now at 2.5 years old and I think there's no way she was born that big. As of her ear tubes recheck last month, she's 36 inches tall and a whopping 25 pounds (the shorts she has on in the pics are size 12 months).

Oh, and that doc is concerned about the size of her tonsils and how they're affecting her breathing at night. So he's going to re-evaluate that in six months when her tubes come out, and she'll likely have her tonsils and adenoids removed shortly after. Not excited about that, but if it helps her sleep/talk/breathe better, then let's just do it.


Blogger hollibobolli said...

Holy CRAP - those are the wasps we have in our BACKYARD!!! I have pictures of them!! EEEK!

Haleigh is huge. And apparently so is your baby.

I'll be thinking of you - there's already been one blog baby. It must be that time of year!!

HUGS! I can't wait for pics!!

I bet Haleigh just can't wait - period!

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