Monday, July 16, 2007
It's been absolutely too long since I've updated this. Haleigh is doing great, talking a mile a minute and voicing her opinions on everything from which shoes to wear to which color cup she would like. I have a few new photos, but we've been so busy getting things ready for baby that I've barely picked up my camera since our vacation.

Baby is doing well, and I'm really ready for him to come any time now. But I've still got 4 more weeks until my due date. I'm getting so big none of my clothes fit, but I've still only gained 19 pounds. Haleigh is really getting excited about the baby coming. I got her a 'big sister' tshirt from and a matching 'little brother' onesie for the baby. As I was folding them in the laundry tonight, she picked hers out and said, "This is my monkey shirt!" then found the onesie and said, "And this is my little brudder's shirt!"

Hmm what else does she do now... her favorite phrase is "It's not fair!" followed by stomping and crossed arms. Wonder where she picked that up.

Anyways, here's some new photos :o)

loving her new pjs and lotion after a bath

making a mud mess at Mimi and Poppa's last weekend

enjoying the hottub with Mimi - too hot for me to get in!

she was 'helping' move the wheelbarrow full of wood for our little bonfire


Blogger hollibobolli said...

ummmm... perhaps she heard it from Faith?

It has to be a stage.

She looks cute though - probably a good thing, huh?


Blogger Beth said...

Glad to hear things are good! We've been thinking about you! Hope "little brudder" isn't kicking you too much and you have everything you need for him to come. I must take my negative comments about the bumbo seat. I use mine now all the time b/c Baylor is crawling and into everything. It keeps him in place for a few minutes here and there and is great to take around to parks and gatherings here and there. Just thought I'd give you my new two sense worth!

Blogger Beth said...

By the way, Haleigh you are getting more adorable each time I see your new pics! :o)

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