Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ready to go on vacation!

This is how she spent the majority of the week.


Checking out the big fish at Coligny shopping plaza.

Finally a nice sunny day. Trying to get her to hop in the baby pool.

My mom decided it was time for Haleigh to just get in the pool and enjoy it.

Then she marched right over to the fence, grabbed on and wouldn't even look at anyone so they couldn't put her back in the pool.

The next day, she still wasn't sure about that pool.

Well it was warmer Friday, so she decided to check it out. Another little girl ended up joining her, so she actually got in and walked around for a while. Then we went to the beach.

Wow, she actually walked 1.) BAREFOOT, and 2.) more than two inches from me.

My beautiful parents enjoying the beach.

What a great day :o)

The Family - we love HHI!


Blogger hollibobolli said...

Faith is so funny, she was looking at these pictures of Haleigh saying "I want to be that age.. I want to be the age of that little girl!!" I told her she pretty much was?? What age does she think she is?? I'm afraid to ask??

You all look so beautiful and happy.. and it looks like you're having a BLAST!!

Give a hug and kiss to your wonderful Mommy for me.

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