Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Rockstar Baby

After her bath tonight, Haleigh wanted a turn playing with the guitar from our new Guitar Hero game. Chad popped in a DVD and she looked up and said "Nine Inch Nails!" which was absolutely correct! She dances and "plays" the guitar with the guys. I can't believe she knew the group's name.

Also painted her nails tonight :o) As I painted, we blew on them so they'd dry faster, and to distract her from touching them, we counted them too. I found out she can count backward from five! She amazes me every day.

When I got home from work, she helped me make ham 'n cheese croissants, and we made some Jello pudding. She poured the milk and helped stir. Then we cleaned some strawberries; well I cleaned them and she kept stealing them. Finally had to move the 'cut-up and clean' bowl to the other side of the sink out of her reach, but then she took a big bite out of a whole one! The girl loves strawberries.

It feels like we've all been constantly sick this year, but surprisingly she's healthy right now! I'm the one with a sore throat.


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