Sunday, April 22, 2007
The Park
I haven't had a real day off work since January, so we really enjoyed the warm weather this weekend and went to the park.

She figured out pretty quickly how to climb the steps up to the slide. She really got involved in what the other kids were doing (playing tag I think) and kept repeating whatever they were yelling.

Swinging on the big girl swings - but only for a minute because the slide looked more fun I guess.

Deciding if she should try this slide. It ended up taking her quite a while to gather the courage to slide down. But once she did it, she wanted MORE.

The slides are BIG, and wavy! I had to catch her halfway and slow her down so she didn't tumble off the thing because she's so light.

At the bottom of the slide.

I told her "one more time" about 10 times before I finally carried her off towards the car. She was so angry with me she even slapped me in the face. I ignored it and just put her in the car. She was really tired and didn't put up too much more of a fight, but I snapped a pic as we were leaving the parking lot because she was still yelling at me about leaving. "I want tooo sliiiide! Riiight nooowww!"

So then we get home and she had to have another bath because she was absolutely covered in playground dirt, but it was still too early to go to bed. As soon as I got her pjs on, she took off running for her room, and I knew exactly what she was going to do:

The little monkey has figured out how to get her binkies out of the drawer.


Blogger Chris said...

Don't worry - the "one more time" thing doesn't work for us either. It's a tough concept apparently.

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