Friday, March 16, 2007
So tired... and it's cold again
We've been battling Haleigh's fever since Tuesday now and it better just go away today because I'm not going back to the ER tonight. I mean we will if we have to, but c'mon this is long enough. The poor thing is so miserable.

Tuesday night she had a low fever so we gave Tylenol and she slept fine.

Wednesday the sitter gave Tylenol every 4 hours to keep it down, and when I got home at 6pm it was 103.7 under the arm, so really 104.7? (don't you add a degree to under the arm?) Another dose of Tylenol failed to get it down past 102 so off to the ER Haleigh and I went. They had to give her both Motrin and Tylenol to get it to come down, then her heart rate shot up to 185 so we had to stay for monitoring to get that down. It was still 140 when they let us go home (should be 120?), and it was 1am before we got to bed. They said it's very rare for a 2 year-old to get a sinus infection (despite the green ooze coming from her nose) or strep throat, so it's just a virus in their opinion.

Thursday she was great in the morning so I let her have a little milk, which she threw up all over herself in the car on the way to the sitter's. I wanted to keep her home, but it's just not possible for me to miss work right now. So Chad left work and picked her up from the sitters. I did end up leaving work early in the afternoon though to go home and assess the situation because Chad said she didn't look so hot. Her doctor is in the hospital herself, and the office said just to take her back to the ER if the fever won't stay down again. Yay.

She ate better yesterday, and even asked for a PB&J with bananas. She was okay until bedtime last night when it shot up again, but she was due for a dose of Motrin and that brought it down so she could sleep. We were up a few times during the night with her, but she wasn't hot at all. Then at 6am it shot back up to 103.5 so I gave her both Motrin and Tylenol to try and get it down. It was 102 when I left her with Chad to go to work.

We're supposed to return to the ER if she still has a fever 48 hours after the original visit, which would be tonight. Hopefully she's kicked it today and we won't have to go. Her only other symptom is a runny nose.

Fevers scare me.


Blogger hollibobolli said...

I'm sorry I haven't been here in forever.. and you haven't updated since then. Is everything better? I was so freaked out when Faith had rotavirus. Right after pneumonia. It all scares me - period.

I hope you all are doing okay!

Tell your mommy I loved her card. It was so very sweet. Your whole family is so sweet. I have it saved and on our fridge.


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