Sunday, March 11, 2007
It's warm!
Haleigh has decided that she needs to tattle-tale on anybody who merely tells her "no" that they HIT her. Generally we use the "re-direct with a stern NO" when she's behaving inappropriately, unless she's doing something dangerous (like pulling a cord out of the socket, climbing the bookshelf, pushing on the tv...) then she gets a swat on the bum. We believe there's nothing wrong with spanking when used appropriately for discipline, but she hasn't gotten a swat in quite a while.

So I led her to her room to play the other night when she was just getting into everything she wasn't supposed to and she wasn't happy with me. She came out to the living room and told Chad, "Mommy hit me." And it's only gotten worse all weekend. Merely tell her something she doesn't want to hear, and she runs to the nearest person to tell them that you hit her.

This "phase" has really got me baffled on how to handle her. I don't like that she lies about us hitting her, but I know she doesn't even know what lying is so how is she to know it's wrong?. I'm sure she sees the older kids at the sitter tattling on each other all day and is just joining in on this behavior. I'm just going to chalk it up as a "phase" and keep telling myself it's temporary. But, as my mom says, I'm not going to wish for it to pass quickly, because the next phase might be worse!

Girly hat, made by Aunt Sarah.

Daddy and Haleigh with the hat!

Walking to the swings to see what kind of shape they're in...

Pit stop to climb the picnic table.

Are those the SWINGS?!

Oh no! They're flooded and broken! We need to find a new playground :o)


Blogger hollibobolli said...

She looks so cute in that brown sweater with the jeans.

That being said - Faith went through the same phase. Not a good one when Tom was new to the picture, it caused some major problems if you know what I mean!!! Thank GAWD it ended!!! It ended when she started saying things about me - in front of me!!

It will pass. It's a control thing. But wow - it could certainly get people in trouble, huh?

Blogger Beth said...

Haleigh! You look so tall in those pics! You are getting so big and are very adorable! I hope everything is good with you and your family. Once the weather warms up we need to get together again. And before your mommy pops!

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