Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Health and other things
Well everybody is finally healthy around here again, and for once, I didn't get it! Chad came down with the fever that Haleigh had and even developed pink-eye. We're hoping she doesn't get it back again, but it's looking good.

AND... had our formal ultrasound today for the baby and... it's a...



No doubt about it either, he wasn't shy :o) and he's so darn cute already! We got to see him for half an hour while the tech measured and poked at him. That made him very active. And he's still measuring a week ahead, so hopefully he decides to make his appearance early, because I'd rather not have another 9 pounder! But I'd do it all again in an instant of course.

Pics soon if I can get my scanner to work!


Blogger Beth said...

YEA! A little boy will be so fun! :o) Baylor measured more than a week ahead the whole time and he was supposedly 11 days early and weighed 8lbs 7oz. But I supposed I really didn't have to worry about the size...like you do! So excited about it being a boy!

Blogger Beth said...

And we are glad that everyone is healthy!!!

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