Friday, February 16, 2007
The T-Shirt
I let Haleigh sleep in a little this morning, as I had a prenatal appointment and had some extra time to get ready. She was in a great mood, and sat on the couch eating cheerios while I finished getting ready. Lately she's been getting angry with me when I bring her clothes out to get her ready to leave. She just wants to lounge around in her pajamas (and I don't blame her!)

So I get her face washed, diaper changed, and long-sleeved onesie and pants on. I had bought her a new t-shirt from Old Navy that's green and says "Dad's Lucky Charm" for St. Patty's day and wanted her to wear it today just because it's cute. She even said it was cute when I took it out of the bag last night to wash it. But this morning, she didn't want to have anything to do with this shirt. I finally got it on her, after she screamed "Noooo! I don't like it!" over and over; I just assumed she was mad about getting dressed in general.

She had a huge meltdown about the shirt and tried to take it off herself. I finally caved and took it off and left it on the floor to go find a sweater or something she'd wear. When I came back, she had balled up the shirt and was headed towards the kitchen. I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "Throwin' it away... in the GARBAGE..." and she stood by the trashcan, scowling at me, threatening to open the lid and toss the t-shirt.

Where did that come from!? I offered her two choices of sweaters and she chose one finally after a bunch of NOs, and we put our coats on and left. She was polite and pleasant the rest of the morning. Like she flipped a switch or something. I think Chad rescued the shirt, and it's in the laundry again. We'll see how she reacts next time. It's a cute shirt!


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