Friday, February 02, 2007
2 year-old checkup
Haleigh had her 2 year-old checkup today, but it wasn't just a well-check. She's got a nasty sinus infection. But at least her ears look good! Those tubes are doing their job. She got a strep test but that was negative, so we ended up with antibiotics and a cough syrup. She should feel better soon.

Dr. is concerned though once again about her weight. She's 34 inches tall, and in the 50th percentile for both height and head circumference, but she only weights 22 pounds. The sitter tells us she eats all day long, better than the other kids, but she doesn't eat much of a dinner with us. She just picks and drinks her milk. So the dr. said to offer her Pediasure after dinner to get some extra calories into her. I think we should just have some ice cream :o)

But we'll try it and see if she can pack on a few pounds. They want to recheck her weight in a month, and maybe give her the Hep-A vaccine. Have to do some research on that, because it's not yet required for school and I'm not sure if she needs it.

She totally remembered the place from the last time we were there and they flushed her ears for 45 minutes. She wouldn't even let me put her down and freaked out when anybody even looked at her. Poor thing I felt so bad but I had to lie her down on the table so the dr. could do the physical and then again so they could get the strep culture and she just sobbed and sobbed. That made her even more congested and miserable. She wore herself out so much she almost fell asleep on me while we were waiting for the test results.

But afterwards, we went to the pharmacy to drop off her prescriptions and she got to ride in a cart. The highlight of the day :o)


Blogger Tonia said...

I can't believe they make her lay on a table to be examined. Our doctor does everything with them on our lap! Makes me appreciate that

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