Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Two Years Old

You are two years old today and I haven't kept up with this blog very well lately, but I wanted to be sure and write today. I can't believe you are already two. You're definitely not a baby any longer, and more and more a little girl every single day. You freely express your own thoughts and feelings, you make up songs to sing to me in the car, you ask us to be quiet when you're playing with your babies because they're sleeping, and you can eat with a fork or a spoon now with no problems at all.

The other night we were eating dinner together and you began to repeatedly stab the table with your fork. I asked you multiple times to please stop that, you're hurting the table, but you pretended you didn't hear me. After I threatened to take the fork away, you looked straight at me with the attitude of a teenager and said, "I'm just makin' noise, MOM." I laughed so hard I couldn't finish dinner.

But then in other ways you are completely opposite and act like my little baby. You love to get all warm in your jammies after a bath and cuddle in the rocking chair with me. We snuggle under a blanket and watch that funny home videos show. You point out every baby and animal in the videos and giggle when you decide something is silly. It doesn't last long though; you get tired so early because I wake you up in the morning before people should even be allowed to get up.

Eventually you look up at me and ask for your binkies and your bed. You sleep with five pacifiers; one in your mouth and two clutched in each fist. I've left the bumper in your crib because it keeps the binkies contained and maybe you can find at least one of them at 2am when you wake up. We count them together as I tuck you in, and you always count them at least twice, making it to thirteen, but skipping eleven every time.

On the drive to Kiki's every morning, you snack on Cheerios and milk, though you will eat two full breakfasts with the kids when you get there. One with the big kids that go to school, and another with the little kids when they wake up. On our drive, you point out every school bus, TARTA bus, garbage truck, big truck and Jeep Liberty. Busia and our neighbor drive Libertys and you have come to easily recognize them apart from all of the other SUVs out there.

It's tough to drop you off every morning, even though I know you have fun all day playing with the kids. They're all sleeping still when we get there, so it's hard to leave you to sit by yourself until they wake up. I wish I could stay and play with you all day. When it's time for me to leave, you cling to me like Velcro, and I finally have to surrender you to Kiki's arms. Your lip quivering, and your eyes welling up with tears, you break my heart every morning. I wish I could trade with your Daddy a couple of days a week and be the one picking you up in the afternoon so I can be your hero instead.

Before you know it though, it will be springtime, and we will be headed down south with Busia, P-Paw, Uncle Rob and Kendra, down to the beach. I can't wait to see you explore the sand and the tidal pools, and just enjoy you for a solid week. I really can't wait.

Don't grow up too fast, Bugg...


Haleigh's favorite birthday present... thank you Uncle Rob and Kendra! Busia and P-Paw got her a play microwave that is so much like a real one it's scary. Haleigh 'heats' up the baby's bottle first :o)

Her cousin Brittany got her a life-size Barbie doll! and Mimi and Poppa gave her a Precious Moments doll and the kitchen set for her dollhouse :o) She also got some cool clothes (Elmo!) and a Nemo cell phone! Thank you everybody.

Goin' shoppin' Mommy


Blogger Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Haleigh, happy birthday to you! Wow, two years old, it sure has gone fast! Love ya lots! Miss you guys!

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