Friday, January 12, 2007
New Words
Haleigh's had so many new words lately that I cannot possibly keep track of it all. Here are some highlights:

Diarrhea - "DIE-ah-REEEE-ah" said in a sing-song voice as she lays herself down on the floor for the 13th diaper change of the day.

Gatorade - "Apple Juice? No... it's Gatorade!" What we were forced to introduce to her after we ran out of apple flavored Pedialyte. Did you know that when you freeze Gatorade only the water in it freezes? So you're left with a nice syrupy liquid full of sugar that we thought was just melted Gatorade. So into the sippy cup it went! Luckily I watered it down significantly so she didn't get too crazy off the sugar buzz.

Thank You - the girl says thank you so politely after EVERYTHING now. I am so proud.

This morning she was playing with her doll house in her room and Chad and I heard her yelling: "LAY DOWN! DIAPER CHANGE! LAY DOWN NOW BABY!" I think we're all ready to be done with this stomach bug.


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