Saturday, January 06, 2007
Expecting #2!

We found out over Christmas that we are expecting a little brother or sister for Haleigh in August! Since we've told Haleigh about the baby, she's been obsessed with her baby dolls. She changes their diapers, feeds them, burps them, rocks them, and calls them "baby seee-ster" and "baby brudder."

I think she'll be a good age when the baby comes this summer. Hopefully we can get her on the potty by then and I hope to start working more from home. We will see!

I've been feeling great the past week or so, just a pretty tired. Over Christmas I had morning sickness really bad, but it's mysteriously gone away. I hope it stays away too; with Haleigh I was sick all day every day for six months. Makes me think this one could be a boy!


Blogger Tonia said...

CONGRATS!!! I feel like everyone is pregnant!!

Blogger Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the family...Haleigh will make a great "big seester!"

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