Saturday, December 16, 2006
Mostly Pictures

It's either Shrek, Monsters Inc. or Nemo...

This is about the most climbing she does... it's the ottoman for the rocker. She plays with her hair, makes funny faces and has conversations with herself.

That's another thing, the cell phone conversations she has with herself. She'll go through this everytime and pause after each line as if listening to a reply:

Hi, how are you?
hmm watchin' Shrek (or Nemo)
babble babble something
whatcha doin?
okay hold a sec, mommy for you! so I have a short pretend conversation and say it's for her again...
k bye

Then she hangs up and says "crap!" and I don't know why! All I can think of is maybe I once dropped a call and said crap when I flipped the phone shut. But I don't know why she'd remember that.

This was at 9pm tonight. Yes, 9pm. Her usual bedtime is 7pm, but she indulged in a bowl of ice cream at the restaurant around 7pm and this is the peak of the sugar high. Thank you Busia! She actually jumped off the couch once.

Hopefully she sleeps in tomorrow.

Look at that crazed look on her face. She's holding my baby's 1st Christmas ornament and thinking, "This? Put this back? Back where? How about YOU put it back after I fling it at you!"

Don't worry mom, my ornament is safe.

I'm not touching it! I'm just looking at it!


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