Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Well ladies and gentlemen, we have quite a case of the 'terrible twos' hitting us REALLY hard right now. That, plus the time change (why do we do this anyways?), has Miss Haleigh just all stressed out. She cries for milk, she throws her milk, she wants to draw, she throws the pen... all I can do is sit back and let her have it out. I don't know what else to do :o)

Everything is all good with the sitter. She's made friends with all the kids and even remembers their names. Yesterday morning when I dropped her off, she stole a chocolate donut from a sleeping preschooler, hopped up in the recliner, took a bite of the donut, said "see ya Mama," and turned her attention to Playhouse Disney on tv. So I guess she's going to be just fine.

She now can have a complete cell phone conversation with herself. She'll get my phone from my purse, bring it to me so I can lock it (she knows she HAS to do this), I give it back to her and she opens it up (flip phone), says "hi, how're you?" waits a second, says "yes, mmm-hmm," pauses, says "okay, one second," and when she goes to close the phone, she even says "crap" like I do when I lose a call. It's the littlest things you do that they pick up and copy, you know? I'm trying not to make a big deal about it or smile, but it's so funny because she says it in the same tone and everything.

I will post Halloween pics when Blogger decides to cooperate...


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