Friday, November 24, 2006
Turkey Day

This is what my poor bugg looked like on Thanksgiving... she's had a 102 fever on and off since Wednesday. I think it's a combo of some molars coming in and that cold we've all been fighting for two weeks.

She looked much better this morning. We were planning to travel to Chad's parent's place 3.5 hours north, but decided to just stay home and let Haleigh veg out for the weekend. She hasn't eaten much, but I finally got her to eat some strawberry applesauce. It looks like she's wearing most of it, but she did eat some.


Our little tree... with Shan about to pounce on it.


Blogger holli said...

I'm sorry she's sick - I hope the holiday was great in spite of it all. We've all been trading the crud back and forth too. It's Ali's turn right now.

I would have thought that was a gigantic tree until I saw Shan - LOL!!

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