Monday, November 27, 2006
A Tooth Brushin'

She loves to brush her teeth.

Tonight, we had NO meltdowns. Not once did she scream "NO" and refuse to do something for a few seconds until she could suggest it happily as her own idea. She ate well, played nice, took a bath without insisting on anything, gave me the toothbrush back when I asked for it, and went to bed easy. Well, she goes to bed easy every night because she gets to have three pacifiers. Gotta have one for each hand, you know. We had a great night.

She was "reading" the back of a DVD while trying to convince us that 7pm was a fine time to watch "Donkey" (= Shrek) or Nemo (= "yeah, the clown-fish?" because apparently she feels the need to clarify that for us) and she started counting. She counted from one to ten perfectly, then said twelve and thirteen. Pretty cool.

She also likes to sing her ABCs... kinda. She'll start with A B C D... I J... Q R S... DOUBLE-YOU (her favorite) X Y Z!

We bought her Christmas gift, a dollhouse, over the weekend and it's taking all of me to not put it together until Christmas Eve. I want her to wake up in the morning and have it all set up in the living room. Just to see her face. But I always wanted a dollhouse as a kid and I just want to play with it now!

The fever last week? Roseola. Again. But much better now. Thank you daycare.


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