Friday, October 13, 2006
Random Updates
Well, no more potty-ing, which is okay with me. That was just crazy though how it worked out that one time.

I broke Haleigh's crib last weekend. I literally tore the dropside right off the thing. It had gotten stuck in the down position and, in my attempt to yank it hard enough to make it go back up, I ripped it off. I was too annoyed to try and put it back on, so I just left it off. Haleigh was so excited to have a 'big girl' bed and immediately asked for her binkie (uh big girl?) and climbed in her bed to take her nap. It only took 10 minutes and me telling her to get back in bed and stay there about 15 times before she finally curled up and fell asleep. I kept the door cracked and stood there watching for her to get up and she finally caught on. She would get out of the bed and stand there staring at the door for at least 2 minutes to see if I was coming in to make her get back in bed, kind of daring me. When she though she fooled me, she'd go over to her table and start to play. So she slept well then, but later she wouldn't stay in the bed so Chad had to put the side back on. She didn't seem to mind about that either.

The sentences, oh the sentences. It's crazy. She'll pick up a cell phone and start with 'hello', then 'how are you?' then she'll listen, then say 'okay hold a second' and hand the phone to one of the cats, me or chad. The other night she was sitting across the room from me and asked me 'how are you?' I said 'I'm good, how are you?' and she repeated it 'I'm good, how are you?' That went on and on...

We attended visitation and funeral services for Chad's great-grandpa this past week and we took Haleigh to the visitation in the evening. She was great to begin with, introducing me and Chad to everyone; she likes to make sure people know who we are lol. She spotted her great-grandpa (Papaw) across the room and ran over and let him hold her, which she rarely does, so we were very proud of her. She was struggling to see up in the casket, so I picked her up and held her at a distance and told her 'that's Papaw's daddy.' She pointed out that he had a 'pillow' and a 'hat' (Detroit Tiger's cap) and 'glasses' and a 'shirt' and on and on... Then we discussed the colors of the flowers and pointed out the different people wearing glasses... phew! Then she got kind of crazy, to the point that fruit snacks and animal crackers wouldn't keep her still. It was just late in the evening and she was on people-overload I think. So we left kind of early and didn't bring her back for the funeral the next day. She stayed with my grandma and they enjoyed each other I think. It all worked out okay. While we were dropping her off there, I went to use the bathroom and she completely freaked out that I was leaving the ROOM and oh-my-gosh what a scene she made. So I was nervous about leaving her there, but when the time came to go to the funeral, she just said 'bye, see ya' and that was it! But I hear she did pick up a magnet that she pretends is a cell phone and said 'I call Mommy? I callin Daddy okay?'

Friday was the last day that Mimi (Chad's mom) watched Haleigh during the day while we work. Monday she starts with a new in-home daycare with some other kids and babies. There are two three-year-olds that I know will keep her busy, so I'm trying not to be nervous. I know she'll be fine. But we will miss you Mimi and Poppa!

Eating pizza with a fork like a big girl. She actually does really well with a regular fork and spoon. She gets frustrated sometimes, but usually can figure it out.

She rubs the soap bubbles on her cheeks and says 'oh gorgeous.' She also does the sign for 'beautiful' and says that and calls people 'adorable' and 'cute.'


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