Wednesday, October 18, 2006
How do I make this easier for her? Tuesday she was better during the day, and when I picked her up at 6p she cried again. She was in a great mood all evening, and went to bed okay, but she woke up around 9p and wanted me to sleep with her. It just breaks my heart. So I rocked her for a while until she was asleep, then put her in bed but she woke up and cried for a minute, and then slept all night. At one point, when Chad’s parents were over, she asked “Hay-dee crybaby?” So she must have overheard one of the little boys calling her a crybaby?

This morning (Wednesday) on the way to the babysitter, she started crying in the car before we were even halfway there. Just saying “mommy… mommy… I hold you?” So she was a wreck by the time we got there. I sat with her and watched cartoons for a minute, then told her she was going to stay and play today, and Daddy would pick her up early after lunch. I know dragging the good-bye out just makes it worse, so I gave her a kiss and told her I love her and I left. Her caregiver, we’ll call her C, gave Haleigh her stuffed frog and tried to get her interested in something else as I was leaving. I’m sure she stopped shortly after I left, but hearing her cry for me is just the worst thing in the world.


Blogger holli said...

I've missed so much being out of touch!!

Okay - the "Hay-dee crybaby" just breaks my heart too. I guess Faith has just seen me cry and I talk to her about how everyone cries sometimes, when they're sad and sometimes even when they're happy. But it's okay. It's the people who don't cry that aren't normal!

I know how hard it is to leave them when the separation thing kicks in. I'm sorry. It just killed me. The memories still do. Big hugs - and you're right, I'm sure she stops shortly after you leave.

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