Sunday, September 24, 2006
In the mood for some cider
Haleigh and I went to Erie Orchard Sunday afternoon. We went with my best friend, her sister, and her sister's two little boys. Haleigh thinks her 3 year-old is hilarious, and she busted out giggling when he would do ANYTHING.

Anyways, it was one of their Kids Weekends and there were lots of KIDS. Big and small, there were lots of 'em. Near the parking lot, there was an older couple manning a kind of pumpkin patch, where kids could pick out a pumpkin for the parents to purchase, at ridiculous prices, and take right out to the car.

We weren't buying anything, but we wanted pictures of the kids in a "pumpkin patch" so I let Haleigh sit on a pumpkin and then stand by the big wooden bin with the little pumpkins. My friend's 3 year-old decided he was going to test out the muscle these pumpkins had and he kicked a large (sad-looking already) pumpkin repeatedly with his little three year-old foot. My friend immediately scolded him that we don't kick the pumpkins and of course he stopped; he wasn't trying to hurt the thing, just test its weak spots maybe?

Anyways, the owner-lady (= mean old witch woman) gave us the evil eye and shook her head disapprovingly at his behavior towards her sad pumpkin. She then stared us down until we made our way down the path, away from her pwecious pwumpkins. C'mon, he's THREE and he couldn't have hurt one of them even if he really tried to.

I guess what I'm getting at is why participate in a KIDS Weekend event if you aren't into kids? My friend got snapped at when she asked the pony-ride lady where you pay, as if it was really that hard just to point us in the right direction. I mean, jeez we're asking where to pay for YOUR attraction...

But all in all, the kids had fun. The magician had me bored though within the first five minutes (we stayed 10 I think) and I don't know how he managed to captivate the attention of all those kids. The food and drinks were overpriced a bit, except for the cider (yum). Haleigh liked the bouncy house shaped like a pumpkin, but she refused to go into it any farther than the entrance, and bounced and laughed hysterically while holding on to the mesh door the entire time.

And she loved the pony-ride, on her pony named Peanut, which came out "Peanus" everytime she would shriek his name because she was just having too much fun to worry about spelling.

Photos soon! I used my mom's camera and I don't have the cable :o(


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