Thursday, September 07, 2006
Dip-Dip-Dip and Another Video
She has mastered the art of dipping her food. A few weeks ago we were eating dinner out with Chad's parents and Grandma, and Haleigh was served tater tots with her grilled cheese. She was being extra picky with her dinner, so I squeezed a dab of ketchup on her plate. She immediately put her fingers in it and sucked the ketchup off. "Mmmm!" was her response, so I showed her how to pick up a tater tot and dip-dip it in the ketchup, and then eat it. She loved it and ate every single tater tot, but no grilled cheese. Now she will dip-dip anything (by the way, she says "dip-dip" out loud when she does it) in her ketchup; last night it was green beans, and even string cheese tonight.

She had a rough weekend. I already posted about the doctor's appointment and I'm sure that's what her night terrors have been about lately, but that's not all...

She woke me up screaming one morning again (yes she's done this before), so I rushed into her room and she's standing there, one knee stuck between the slats of the crib. It must slip right in there, but somehow gets stuck and she panics, making it swell up. But that's not all...

One night over the weekend I was making grilled cheese (again!) and Lori was over and we were chatting in the kitchen. Chad was puttering around somewhere in the apartment, and Haleigh was "cooking" on the kitchen floor. She kept making me move out of her way so she could get into the cabinets to get her cooking pans and stuff I generally let her play with. She is usually really good about staying out of the cabinet under the sink with the cleaning stuff in it. (See where I'm going with this...) All of a sudden, she is standing just inches from me, and she screams, and it's one of those "I'm in pain MOM" screams. She had gotten out the orange cleaner and sprayed herself in the FACE. I rushed her into the bathroom and rinsed out her eyes and her mouth and all was alright. She was just very angry. I'm sure it didn't taste very good. So guess what I spent the rest of the weekend doing? Yes, rearranging the cabinets and making sure that stuff is completely out of her reach. I know, I know... bad mommy...

Then today! She skinned her knee is all. It's scraped and probably will bruise. She points at it and calls it her "boo-bie" instead of her "boo-boo."

This morning was extremely foggy here where we live, and as we walked to the car I said, "Wow, it's really foggy." Haleigh looked at me, so proud of herself because she knew what I was talking about, and said, "wibbit wibbit!"

I finally finished editing the videos of her from 8 months to 12 months. It includes Halloween, Christmas and her first birthday party, where she offered everyone bites of her cake. Special thanks to Haleigh's Uncle Rob for taking the video of her party... however he was laughing so hard through most of it it's kind of shaky. But you will laugh too because she seriously tries to share her cake with everybody. Here is the link:


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