Saturday, September 30, 2006
20 Months - Potty Talk
Haleigh is 20 months old today. This evening she announced what she was about to do in her pants, and I asked her if she would like to sit on the potty. A firm "NO" is what I got in response, so I said okay and didn't press the issue. We haven't done any training except letting her sit on her potty when we do and making a "tttssssss" sound.

So a minute or so after she said NO, she asked about the potty and I asked her again if she wanted to go sit on it, and she took off running for the bathroom. I followed and got her diaper off and sat her on her little potty chair.


Oh she was so good. I praised her up and down and all over and cleaned her up and got a diaper back on, then we cleaned up the potty and I let her flush the big potty... I am so proud.

Then she strutted around the apartment for a good 10 minutes in just a diaper, so full of herself it was perfect. She'd glance at me as she walked by and get a big grin on her face, then say to herself "poo-poo in potty, a big girl!" and keep going, back and forth into the kitchen, then back into the living room.

This at 20 months? Probably a fluke, but I'll take it!


Blogger holli said...

Please - I beg of you.. come help me. We're making no progress. I even tried to freak Faith out by showing her what a dirty diaper looked like. She said "nice!"


Congrats - that is fantastic!!!!

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