Sunday, August 27, 2006
I've finally got around to uploading the videos I've made of Haleigh from birth to 8 months. They include video and still photos set to music. If you have a slower connection, hit pause as soon as the video starts and wait for it to load before you hit play, to eliminate stopping and starting as it loads.

Here is the link for Birth to 4 Months:

And the link for 4 to 8 Months:
About 2/3 of the way through, Haleigh has a message for you... make sure your volume is turned up! This video includes her first bonfire, her first swimming experience, and learning to walk.

I'm working on video from her first birthday party, where she offered everyone bites of her cake, but I need suggestions for music to add to it.


Blogger holli said...

ooh - I will come back and look tomorrow!!

I'm going through my audio files for my meeting tomorrow so I can't listen to anything but that right now.. I would so much rather be listening to sweet little Haleigh!!

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