Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Random Shots

She can't quite figure out the licking part...

Helping Grandpa add warm water to the pool... she wouldn't get in because the water was too cold!

Watering Grammie's plants...

I finally got a picture of her crossing her ring- and pinky-fingers. See it on her left hand? She does that all the time. I wanted to remember that. Also, this is just a great summer picture.

Listening to Grandpa as he explains the fine sport of Horseshoes.

Helping get the heavy shoes out of the pit for Grandpa. She was so excited to help! As soon as he was done throwing, she would run down to the other end as fast as she could.

She's got her arms back like that, pretending to throw just like Grandpa. She even would say "ringer!" when she heard them hit the post.

She doesn't wear a lot of dresses, so I took a lot of pictures that day!

That's my girl...


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