Sunday, August 20, 2006
Happy Birthday!
Monday is my birthday and my little brother's was at the end of July, so we celebrated with family Sunday at a really really good Italian restaurant downtown. Thanks Mom for taking some beautiful pictures!

Mommy and Haleigh before dinner. A white top was not the best choice for an Italian restaurant outing. Hopefully the marinara sauce will come out, but she really enjoyed the food!

The family.

Haleigh being silly at the restaurant. This was her response to "smile!"

Saying "cheese!"

Haleigh and Uncle Rob walking the Riverwalk after dinner. We let her just walk around and she just loved the independence. She even saw some ducks.

The family in beautiful downtown.

Watching the boats and the seagulls. She kept calling the river a pool.


Blogger holli said...

Hey - I don't know that I've ever seen a picture of you before.. have I? You are just too cute!! Now I see where little Miss Haleigh gets her baby doll looks from!!

Is that the Riverwalk in San Antonio? You don't have to answer that on your blog if you don't want to.. I was just curious, since that's where our reception is going to be.

Blogger holli said...

I don't know if you're working on your blog.. or if there is something wrong with my browser - I can't see your banner at the top? I will check back!

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