Saturday, August 12, 2006
First Haircut!
Haleigh had her first little real haircut Friday. She sat on my lap and was such a good girl. She couldn't take much off, but trimming it like this, a little at a time, will make it thicken. Thanks T!

Chad took video of it, so the shots aren't that clear. Here's some pics from Saturday. She had on an outfit that I love, so I snapped some shots going to get the mail in the morning.

Getting mail out of her own imaginary mailbox. She pretends the bottom ones are all hers and goes to each one, jiggles the lock and collects her invisible mail.

Trying to catch the attention of a squirrel.

Monkey imitation. I call her a monkey sometimes and she responds with this and "oo-oo-ahh-ahh" and lots of giggles.


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What is the size of your picture slide show again?

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