Friday, July 14, 2006
It's hot here. Too hot. And it's going to be in the 90s and muggy through the weekend and way into next week. Yuck. We live on the 3rd floor and our air conditioner only cools one corner of the living room. The fans don't even help. Ugh.

My parents are keeping Haleigh tonight so Chad and I can have a real "date." We're going to go see the new Pirates movie and I'm so excited. I think we are going anyways... we have PLANS to go. Somehow though every time Haleigh stays over somewhere, we end up not doing what we planned and just sitting around, halfway enjoying the quiet. But since Chad's been on vacation all week, he hasn't done much but relax all week BY HIMSELF (ahem I think I had Haleigh ATTACHED TO MY HIP throughout most of my vacation last week... not that I'm complaining, but still... ) so hopefully our plans will stick tonight.

Not much to report with Haleigh lately. She is picking up words like crazy though. She says "Shanny" now so clear (he's one of our cats) and she helps me yell at him to "get down!" from the top of the birdcage! She says "see ya!" now when people leave, and "Skittles" (the bird) is very clear now too.

One thing she will NOT say, however, is "I love you." She won't even try and say part of it.

Me: "Bye!"
Her: "BYE!"
Me: "Take care!"
Her: "Kake tare!"
Me: "See ya!"
Her: "See ya!"
Me: "Love you!"
Her: "BYE!"

And if I say it again she's gets bored and goes off to play.

Oh, Poppa taught her to "march" and she stomps all over. I hope to catch some video of that soon.

She climbs up on their couch all by herself but hasn't tried it seriously at home.

I've been giving her a small fork with her dinner the past few nights. She really couldn't figure out how to stab anything so I would do it for her and set the fork back down. She could easily pick it up and get it to her mouth. I even alternated which side of the plate I set it so she had to use each hand (still don't know whether she's a lefty or a righty.) But last night, she had these tiny meatballs cut up on her plate and she was stabbing them with the wrong end of the fork. But at least she was trying to do what I had showed her! The funny thing is, I tried to show her to use the other end and she got really mad at me like I was messing her up or something. Just have to let her do her own thing I guess and she'll figure it out someday.


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