Saturday, July 01, 2006
Cool Toy
We are leaving for vacation today! Not going far, but at least it's away from home for a whole week! Time to relax.

I probably won't be posting while we're gone but I may throw in a surprise. To tide ya over, here's some more sugary sweetness in the form of video. Watch for the part where Haleigh tries to beat me over the head with a birdcage perch.

Have a good week everybody!


Blogger holli said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I can't hear sound on the video up here at work!! But that's because I don't have speakers. :)

Blogger Karen said...'ve been gone long enough! Time for you to come home to this grandma..can't wait to see you two!

Blogger Kristy said...

Hope you two are having a great time. I miss you!!

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