Saturday, June 24, 2006

See Haleigh count to ten... with just a little help from me!

While I was editing that video, the bird kept hearing himself and totally freaking out that there was ANOTHER! LOVEBIRD! And Haleigh kept saying "all right!" She also says "alrighty" but it sounds like "alrooghty" or something.

Chad and I were both home yesterday but he had to work this morning, so when I got Haleigh up today she immediately went to our bedroom to look for Daddy. She spoke her first full sentence today! She looked at the empty bed, turned to me with her hands in the air and said "Where's Daddy!?" I wish I had the camera out for that. She uses "where" a lot now to ask about things.

Yesterday Haleigh and I went to lunch with Kristy and then visited Kristy's sister and her boys. I have a camera photo of Haleigh and Liam (almost 3 years old) on the swingset but I can't get it to the internet because I guess I cancelled that feature on my plan. Anyways, they had tons of fun and Haleigh had her first wagon ride. She was so excited to play with Liam and he just kept cracking up laughing at her. She was such a good girl, and she even left Conor's binkie alone (he's almost 2 weeks old! a little peanut!)

I can't believe how much she sleeps. Yesterday, she woke up from a full night's sleep at 6:30am (kinda early for her) and went down for a nap from 8:30-noon! I don't like to wake her because she can be a grouch so I let her sleep. I got a lot of cleaning done! But then she napped again from 4:30-6:30, and went to bed easily at 9pm! She didn't get up this morning until 7am. She just likes to sleep I guess; we didn't do anything too high in activity level yesterday (just the wagon ride?) but she is still cutting those teeth on the top.


Blogger holli said...

A baby that likes to sleep is way better than the opposite!!!

The video is just way to cute.. as usual.

BTW - you could use one of the free photo options like photo bucket or something? I can't be without my Haleigh pics!!

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