Friday, June 09, 2006
Play Date
We had a play-date with Averie and her mommy on Friday! The weather was funny though. It was hot. It was cool. It was hot. It was windy. But we had a nice time and Haleigh only tackled Averie once. Okay, it was just a hug-gone-bad I think because they both lost their balance and ended up on the ground. But for some reason Haleigh had Averie in a head-lock...

But Averie was cool with it and they played on. (I really think she was trying to get away from Haleigh and her 306 hugs and didn't know how else to get the mommies' attention.)

Sharing the veggie crackers.

Haleigh whispers: I'm not as innocent as I may appear. In fact, this look is probably the result of getting caught doing something I wasn't supposed to do. Like take all of the tissues from Mimi's box (I'm allowed to take one, and I know this because I point and say 'one.' But they're all right there just staring at me, begging to be shredded to bits on the living room floor.)

New words/phrases of the week:
bye-bye, take care!
ya morrow! (see ya tomorrow!)
cool bike cool bike cool bike, oh no (I have no idea why she throws in 'oh no' at the end)
oh my gosh
fish face (Grandpa Jimmy squeezes her cheeks so she looks like a fish and says 'fish-face!')
get down! no no no (while shaking her index finger at whichever cat is on the counter/table/desk)


Blogger holli said...

Is there anything cuter than two little girls playing.. especially with little pigtails?? You have one cute baby girl.

I know - I say that everytime I'm here, but it's the truth!!

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