Thursday, June 15, 2006
Oh-kaaaay Break My Heart
This teething thing can end any time now. Haleigh has been working on the two teeth on either side of her front two on the top for weeks now. Last night was the worst. I was warned by Mimi when I picked her up after work that it was going to be a fun night. She had been grumpy all day, but she actually wasn't bad in the evening. She ate well and we played with the bird, then she had a bath and was in bed by 8.

I woke around midnight to a tiny voice in the baby monitor.

Oh-kaaay... oh-kaaaaaaay in the most pitiful, sad voice. She says okay to reassure herself when she's scared or upset. I always say it's okay to her to calm her down, so she's learned to say it to herself when she's alone.

She had lost the binkie. Luckily I found it in the dark relatively quickly and rocked her for a minute. Back to sleep.

Around 2:30 am she did the same thing. Found the binkie again (under the same blanket) but she didn't want to rock. She just sat on my lap, staring at me. Kinda freaky.

I got out the Orajel, and once she realized what I was doing she spat out that binkie so fast it shot halfway across the room. Strange because I think I've only used Orajel on her one other time. But she seemed to like it and she settled right back down.

At 5:00 she woke up again. This time however, I could not find any of the 30 binkies that should be in that crib. Okay, maybe 5, but where did they all go? She was getting increasingly upset that I wasn't doing a damn thing to help her so since I couldn't remember if we had any binkies anywhere else in the apartment, I moved her crib away from the wall a few inches to look.

I couldn't squeeze back there enough to bend down and feel around for a stupid pacifier and I wasn't about to move the chair and everything. So I felt around with my foot. And found something! A tiny rubber duckie that I threw across the room into the toybox. Then, a binkie! Actually one of her favorite ones that I thought was gone forever and ever.

Haleigh had watched me through all this and even in the dim light she exclaimed binkie! But it was really gross and dusty. I couldn't give it to her like that, even in this extreme situation. So I left her room to go across the hall to the bathroom to clean it. Just across the hall. You'd think I went to Africa to clean the pacifier. I was gone 15 seconds but by the time I delivered the clean binkie, she was all sobbing and dramatic. But I rocked her for a few minutes and she passed out again.

Surprisingly when I went to wake her at 7:00, she was in a great mood and seemed well rested. Must be nice.


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