Monday, June 12, 2006
New Addition
Chad and I celebrated our 5-year Anniversary last Friday (5 years together.) Sunday he took Haleigh and I to the new big pet store to get cat food for the cats and crickets for the geckos. Haleigh was having the best time running to one end of the store to look at the fish! and back to see the kitties! then the goggies! where she would bark at them and get them all wound up again. It was loads of fun chasing her around. Yep.

We looked at the fish, which I decided were way too boring, and we already have two aquariums with geckos so we don't need another glass box. I've always wanted a rat, because they're smart, but Chad wasn't interested. We looked at the birds for a while, and held a Conure and a Cockatiel and I asked Chad if he saw the Lovebirds. I thought they were very cute and friendly, but they were really skittish. I thought the Cockatiel was ugly, and the Conure cost way too much (but it can learn to talk!) About that time, Haleigh decided to bolt for the fish again, so I left Chad with the birds. I honestly thought we were just window-shopping.

Then all of a sudden, Chad comes strutting down an aisle towards us holding a cardboard pet carrier with a big cheesy grin on his face.

Me: What did you do?

Him: *grin* (hands me the box)

Me: ... (skeptically looking at potentially very expensive box)

Him: Happy Anniversary!

Me: Which did you pick?

Him: Just look!

He picked out the most beautiful of all the Lovebirds (the kind I wanted.) We don't know if he's a male or a female (DNA testing is the only way to be 100% sure?) so we are pretending he's a male because when he spreads his tail feathers, they're dark indigo.

And his name is Skittles, because he's colorful :o) and hopefully sweet! He's a month and a half old. He hasn't bit anybody, but he's not trained to step-up or anything yet, so we have to work with him. And keep him away from the cats. He doesn't like them much. They want to be friends with him. Yep.

Chad let him roam around the room today for a while (sans kitties) and when he went to check on him, Skittles was sitting on the windowsill singing with the birds in the tree outside.

And Haleigh says "birdie birdie birdie!" at any random moment when she happens to remember that there is a real live bird in the house.


Blogger holli said...

Oh - what a sweet anniversary gift.. a lovebird. Happy Anniversary to you both!! I love the name - it fits perfectly. He's so cute!!

Funny, Faith STILL says goggies!!

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