Thursday, June 08, 2006
Laurie Lu, A-Z
I've seen this one going around for a while, and I'm sure everyone's already done with it. But I wanted to do it anyway. :o)

Accent i'm from ohio, so i'm sure i say pop instead of soda.
Booze i am a lightweight, so i can sip stuff like malibu rum with pineapple juice, and my mom has just introduced me to coconut rum with lime and diet pepsi.
Chore i do the dishes and clean the bathroom, we both do the laundry and pick up after haleigh, and chad vaccuums. nobody cooks. working on that.
Dog/Cat we i have two cats, belle and shanahan, but i prefer dogs! (probably because shan is on a barfing-on-my-shoes streak again.)
Essential Electronics cell phone and my mp3 player when i can get it away from chad.
Favorite Perfume it's more of a body spray: love spell from victoria's secret.
Gold/Silver always silver or white gold.
Insomnia no way i sleep great. only when i was struggling to nurse haleigh (first three weeks) was when i didn't sleep. since then she has slept and we have slept!
Job Titles Mommy, Staff Accountant.
Kid(s) Haleigh Rose, born 1/31/05. hopefully one more.
Living Arrangements nice 3rd floor apartment with chad and haleigh, two cats and two geckos.
Most Admirable Trait i'm a good listener i think.
Number of Sex Partners not that many.
Overnight Hospital Stays only when i had haleigh last year.
Phobias spiders, snakes, all the normal girly stuff... oh and confrontation.
Quote right now it happens to be "don't put that in your mouth!"
Religion i do not participate in a religion.
Siblings one little brother, almost 6 years younger than i, but almost 6 feet taller.
Time You Usually Wake 6am during the week, 8am on the weekends if i'm lucky.
Unusual Talent it's not that unusual, but i learned to pick up stuff off the floor with my feet when i was pregnant.
X-rays a few, but only at the dentist i think. maybe one when i was a baby?
Yummy Foods I Make enchiladas yum.
Zodiac Sign technically leo, but i am two days away from virgo. my personality is as far as it gets from a leo, but i am a fine virgo so i'll go with that.


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