Saturday, June 17, 2006
Hot Hot Hot
Today we went to Grammie & Grandpa's for a small cookout and to lie around and bake ourselves in the 94F sun. I got quite a bit of sun, but I needed it. Haleigh had fun all day, playing in the water, eating crackers, eating ice cream, eating hotdogs... the girl likes to eat. Grammie gave her her very own cup of ice cream, and let her have at it. She did a good job!

Here you can see the latest bump and bruise... well it will be a bruise tomorrow. The mark on her forehead happened this morning when we went to get the mail. Her feet just got going too fast for her sandals to keep up and she went down. To go with this we have a bump-on-the-knee and a scraped shin. She almost fell in slow motion, but still managed to crash her head into the sidewalk.

bein' goofy with Mama

bein' dramatic

It was a great day!


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Fantastic shots! Looks like a nice fun (but warm) day!!

Blogger Karen said...

I think I finally figured this out! Love the ice cream face!

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