Saturday, June 03, 2006
Sorry I had to change the design again. I don't have any new interesting content, so I have to do something to make things appealing around here. So it's back to pink, because after all, that would be Haleigh's favorite color if she could tell me. I just know.

I was planning to start another blog just for myself and my own rants and memes, as to not poopy up Haleigh's site with my ramblings. But most of the other blogs I read incorporate both writing and baby stuff all into one, and I realized that really anything I would write about would have to do with Haleigh in some way, so it may as well be on her site.

So I'm going to try it here, along with commenting more on the blogs I read, and see what happens because I do like to write and I don't have time to keep up with two blogs. I'll try to keep things interesting here. Thanks for reading.


Blogger holli said...

My theory on this whole baby blog thing is that I want to keep a journal of Faith's childhood.. and if possible, create some sort of way for her to read about who her mother is when she looks back from the future. I save it all every month, but I also print a hard copy and put it in a notebook to save. I would love to have had something like that from my childhood.. just to know what my mom thought about me growing up - as well as the world and life in general.

And I tried duplicate blogs - I just couldn't keep them up!!

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