Sunday, May 07, 2006
Thank you all for voting in the photo contest!

I took Haleigh to the little park set of swings tonight after dinner and we played and played. After about every little girl in the complex had a turn pushing her in the baby swing, she asked to go home and get ready for bed.

HAHAHA - Okay, what really happened was I had to slow her down and ask at least 10 times if she was ready to go. Each time was answered with "SWIIIINGG!!" and monster grips on the swing's chains. She could even make her feet get caught so I couldn't lift her out. So we stayed quite a while.

After promises of a bath, seeing Daddy, and a snack, that might be pudding (yes I sometimes bargain with my 15-month old), we said goodbye to the swing and her new friends, and tearfully made our way home. On the way, she looked up and saw the bright moon in the sky and said "balloon!" I told her that no, that is the moon, like in Goodnight Moon. She thought for a second, looked around, and said "cow?"

Her favorite part of the book is the cow jumping over the moon.

Was she looking for him?


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