Sunday, May 28, 2006
Some random shots from the weekend - sorry they were taken with the camera phone and the quality isn't the best. We took some good ones tonight with the digital and they will be up shortly!

We went to a little tiny mall and they had a nice play area with lots of these houses and jungle gyms with slides and stuff. All she wanted to do was go in and out of this one house. Open door, shut door, open door, push buttons on phone, say hi to me, open door, close door. It was just tragic when we had to leave.

Swinging at Grandpa's house. We determined tonight that Haleigh's name for him is Pa-Poo. And her name for my mom is Ma-Moo. She totally came up with that on her own. Ask her to say Grandpa/Grandma or ask her 'who is that?' and she says Pa-Poo and Ma-Moo. Chad's parents are Mi-Mi and Poppa, also chosen by Haleigh.

At my grandparents' house last weekend I think. She didn't want me taking her book away from her to pack up and leave.

Back at Ma-Moo and Pa-Poo's house, Haleigh got to ride on the golf cart! In my lap of course because we don't know what she has in that cup - no drinking and driving!

She likes it when I put lip balm on her. So to keep her quiet for a minute in the car, I gave it to her (the cap is on). At first she was pretending to use it, but then she started chewing on it! The four teeth on both sides on the top have been working their way in for a while now.

More pictures soon!


Blogger holli said...

and another lip balm addict is born!!! YAY!!!

She looks so tiny and sweet in that golf cart.. sigh!

And okay - right up with car seat pics.. swingset pics - LOVE 'EM!!

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