Monday, May 15, 2006
Not much for an update, but we had a nice weekend. Friday I was off but the weather has been so crappy here we just stayed inside and played and took naps on the couch.

Saturday we went to a baby shower and Haleigh had so much fun with the other kids. She didn't care if they were girls, boys, 2 years old, or 7 years old - she wanted to play! She thought playing was sitting down I think because she would screech "Play!" and run up to one of the kids and plop down on her butt. They would take off playing tag or something and she would get up and chase them. She interrupted the boys playing with little tractors at one point and scooped up a couple and took off with them. They were kind of peeved but understood. I think she just wanted them to get up and chase her. The whole time I kept standing up at my seat to watch her little "bug" pigtails bobbing up and down all over the room. People would see me looking for her and say "she's right over here!"

She was good with the gifts; only stuck her hand in a bag once to get a baby doll. My mom and grandma made the mom-to-be a diaper cake (three-tiered "cake" made of rolled up diapers) and they had strung toys and pacifiers all over it. Hal saw the binkies and really wanted one. She's been asking for one a lot this weekend. Last night we were tickling her on the bed and saw two new teeth on the top almost poking through. Explains that.

Other than that babyshower, nothing much to report. We had dinner Sunday with my parents and brother, which was soooo good, and played and played with Haleigh. She makes funny faces now, and plays pretend sometimes. She makes slurping noises with her doll's sippy cup. She also loves to unpack things. Like purses, drawers, boxes of DVDs... anything. And she's quick.

Oh, some of her new words include paper, clothes, diaper, heroes (Higgly Town Heroes) and farmer.

A new Haleigh-ism is Mickey Mouse = MA MOOSE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sure you could have talked to multiple mania in a nicer tone. when someone is as stressed out as she is, and is being honest about it....maybe you could do us all a favor and support her, rather than trying to bash her further into the ground. thanks for your understanding.

Blogger holli said...

They are fast "unpackers," huh? Especially with the cd and dvd drawers!! I wish I could reverse that process!

You know, Faith likes the "heroes" too, but that show kind of freaks me out.

Are you relentlessly bashing people? Or are you being bashed by anonymous comments? WTH?

Blogger holli said...

Hee hee. I was just joking. Now you know why I don't do anonymous comments!

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