Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lately when we go out to eat, Haleigh gets to play with crayons a little. But I'm still worried she'll take a bite out of one. Monday night I dug out a box of chunky size Crayolas from when I graduated (gag gift) and let her have at it. She wasn't too into marking on anything though, she just wanted to play with the paper (she can say paper) and hand the crayons to uncle Rob and take them back over and over. She tried to hold all 8 in her hands at once and that was funny watching her because she was so determined to do it. We were working with her on her colors too with the crayons, but all she would do was repeat what we said. It's so fun watching her learn.

deciding which color to give up


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Averie likes crayons now too...but mostly I draw for her (stars and balls are her fav)! We should pick a Friday and get together...do either the 2nd or 9th work? We could meet at a park!

Blogger holli said...

Crayons are big in our world too - but it's Nate that eats them. And Faith feeds them to him.. then he poops a rainbow. Too much information??

You have one darling baby girl.

BTW - who can give up a color?

Blogger holli said...

I just saw your sidebar - you get HER to do YOUR hair??? HOW?!?!? I love having my hair played with.

I demand beauty shop.. NOW!!! LOL!

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