Monday, May 22, 2006
I'll be back this week with an update and some pictures for sure (I promise!) but in the meantime, I went to the site to check out the final round of that last photo contest Haleigh was in. She didn't make it to the finals, but one of the photos of another mom and baby is just amazing and I wanted to post the link to vote.

It's the photo on the bottom row in the middle... Baby S.

Just amazing.


Blogger holli said...

Where was I during the photo contest voting?? Probably in work hell, as usual.

The highchair toenail painting idea is GREAT!! I don't think it will help me for myself though! PFTZ!

Blogger Kristy said...

OMG!! I think I would be afraid to move while holding that baby - he/she is soooo tiny.

Miss ya and love ya!!

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