Monday, April 03, 2006

So yeah, that's the cat's bed there that Haleigh has kinda adopted as her own... something, I don't know what she thinks it is. The the cats are looking on confused as ever as to why a baby would want to play in their bed. I don't get the fascination either but she kinda plays pretend in there. She moves it around the living room and gets out to get some toys, then gets back in.

Then Sunday we had a mishap. Haleigh is walking so well now that she tries to run. She thinks it's funny when she tumbles on the carpet, but when she's outside on concrete and she trips over her big feet, THAT is what happens. Look at that nose! She landed face first on the driveway. Luckily though she didn't hit her mouth because those new teeth are sharp! (we found that out LAST week when she took a dive on a the hardwood floor at
baby Michael's house) She got two teeth now; her top right and bottom left. Funny to watch her work them together to chew because they're on opposite sides.

A better view of the damage while eating dinner Monday. She scraped her forehead too but it's hard to see because of her birthmark. I just had to show you all these pictures because everyone else is doing it... like
here! and here! Yay for spring!


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That looks so painful, Haleigh! I am sorry you took a spill! I'm sure we have many more of those to come!

Blogger holli said...

Oh good grief.. that's a painful carseat pic!! But still a carseat pic! :)

I'm glad she didn't lose teeth either - I flip every time I think Faith is going to bash into something.

The cats are sweet - Nate gets ANGRY when Faith tries to take his bed!!

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