Thursday, April 27, 2006
Uncle Rob came over for dinner tonight and we busted out the bubbles from Easter. Too much fun!

Let me do it... oh-kay, oh-kay, oh-kay!

It's not 'Tru-eee' and 'Hei-eee' any more, it's 'Tru-DEE' and 'Hei-DEE'... she's finding all her letter sounds!

We have the Fridge Farm Animal Magnets and Haleigh's finally figured out how to work them. In the past she would just carry the thing around, pressing the Farmer Tad button to play the music like a little DJ, but now she actually tries to put the animal halves in the spots. But she gets reeeally frustrated if they don't pop right in. And everything was a cow tonight. She knows what they are, but we would ask her what each one was and she'd say 'cow.'

And the last thing I needed to update on is this: she puts things away! She loves cleaning up her toys! Chad is in heaven! (if you don't know him, he's just a touch OCD-ish and can't stand clutter) When she's done eating, she'll even hand me her plate nicely now instead of flinging it on the floor! And then wipe her mouth! I may be too excited about this, but she's like a little lady and it's so cute.


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